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Old Dog, New Dog..

This old dog is helping a new dog out by playing a friendly game of VASL with him. One of the really cool things about VASL is you can, if you PBEM take your time and play anyone anywhere in the world. One of the great things about ASL is the social aspect of it’s gaming system.

With VASL and ASL you get a chance to meet new exciting and cool people from all over the world and even old dogs can learn new tricks from young dogs…lol

If my VASL buddy okay’s it I’ll post his name here, but for now we are just starting up a new ‘learning’ scenario for ‘both’ of us. For him it’s his first full ASL game with a live guy, and for me I am getting to know him (its kind of like a dance at first with PBEM play).

I decided that a great intro to playing VASL is the ASL scenario called RPT1 Frenc Jozef Barracks, this is from Rally Point Volume 1: An Axis Minor Special Study form The Tampa ASL Group, released October 2006. Rally Point is published by Sherry Enterprises for the Tampa ASL Group.

Here is a temporary link to Sherry Enterprises:

This scenario is set in Budapest, Hungary on 12 January 1945. The scenario defenders are elements of the Hungarian 1st Tank Division (this is an infantry only scenario but tank units did not always have tanks in World War Two) that has nine 3-4-7 Hungarian squads (MMC) a pair of leaders (a 9-1 and a 8-1) a HMG, a LMG, and an extra six concealment counters versus elements of the Romanian 9th Cavalry Division (again no cavalry or horses in this scenario, infantry only) which have one 4-4-7 squad (an elite MMC) and twelve 3-4-7 squads, with a pair of leaders (a 9-2 and a 8-1), a MMG, two LMG and a flamethrower (FT) entering in from the east edge.

This scenario is played on only half of a normal geometric map (map 51) and to win the Romanians must make sure there is no Good Order (GO) Hungarian MMCs in building 51T2.

I choose to take the Hungarians and my buddy is taking the Romanians  I choose to setup in a forward/fallback-switch back type of defense since the attacker (the Romanians have a restricted setup location (channeled if you will). So we started playing this scenario this weekend.

Playing ASL on VASL

This site will contain tips, tricks, and general experiences of playing ASL on VASL.